Being “good” sucks.

After swimming lessons this morning, we stopped @ MaryLou’s (local coffee shop) for snacks (for the kids) and ice coffees (for me & Jim).  Yum, right?

Well, yes.  Yum for Jim, and yum for the kids.  Sabrina got a piece of banana cake with cream cheese frosting.  Roni got a chocolate chip brownie as big as her face.  Jim got a large ice coffee with cream & sugar.

I got a small ice decaf, with Splenda & skim milk.  Blech! 

Don’t get me wrong — I really enjoy ice coffee with cream & sugar, but in an attempt to be “good” — I went for the Splenda & skim.  I think the skim milk is the culprit.  I can drink it straight until the cows come home (get it, skim milk, cows?  LOL).  But in coffee, I think I’m a cream or nothing girl.  Cream just makes the coffee taste so good, and skim milk apparently doesn’t.  It just makes it light.  It makes it drinkable, because I don’t even like black coffee.  At all.  But it doesn’t make it good.

Same for the Splenda.  It made the beverage sweet, but I like the crunchy gritty sugar that you get in the bottom of the cup with the real thing.  I know this grosses some people out (sorry!), but that’s just how I like it.

It’s just so unfair that ice coffee the way I like it has about 1,000 calories, and approximately 80 grams of fat.  Pout!  Whine!

So, while I’m a little bit pleased with myself for not indulging in said calories & fat, my overall opinion is that being “good” sucks.  At least when it comes to ice coffee. 

Thankfully, Diet Coke does NOT suck, since I’ll be drinking that @ Fenway tonight, one of my top 5 happiest places on Earth.  🙂  I’ll even be drinking it to wash down a fat & calorie packed Fenway Frank, which I have completely earned by exercising self-torture moderation all day before then.

Go Red Sox!  ♥

*p.s.  The children were each only allowed to eat half of their decadent “snacks”.  I’m nice sometimes, but not a complete idiot.

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