I hate Mondays.

I even hate Tuesdays that feel like Mondays because I had a lovely day-off Monday.  I especially hate Mondays where the weather is anything less than a perfect dry, sunny 72 degrees.  Like today, I seriously thought I was going to become one with the pavement between the train and my office.  I made it, but I already feel like I need another shower.  Lovely, right?

I also especially hate Tuesdays-that-feel-like-Mondays when I forget my work badge at home because I never attached it to my work bag on Friday afternoon.  Or at any other point in the 3-day weekend.  Leaving me to check in at the security desk, thank my lucky stars I didn’t forget my wallet b/c you have to show photo ID now, and borrow an access badge so that I can freely come & go within my office.  Luckily, one was available, but on a laniard-type nylon chain that I refuse to wear.

I know I’m not actually cool, but there are a few un-cool lines I will not cross.  Wearing an ID badge like a necklace is one of them.  I prefer actual necklaces, thank you very much.  Today, I’m wearing a beautiful silver & turqoise one that I got for Mother’s Day from my favorite store in the whole wide world (Francesca’s collections – http://www.francescascollections.com/).  MUCH nicer than a silly ID-tag rope, right? 


What do YOU think?

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