Veronica’s Daily Meltdown – Fri. Jul. 2

Today’s battle was over who got to bathe/shower first.  Both girls wanted to, so I asked how I should choose.  Veronica suggested the Bubblegum Game “Bubblegum, Bubblegum, In a Dish, How many pieces do you wish?” and when she lost, she started screaming at me that I’m mean and I cheat.  I told her to stop, and she said screamed “No!” repeatedly in my face.  I left her in bed crying that she wants to call Jimmy.  I told her he’d say good night & give her a kiss when he gets home, and she started bawling how unfair it is that I let Brie say goodnight to him on the phone when he called, and he’ll say good night to her in person too.

Oh, the inequity!  The drama!  The tears!

Spare me.


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